Let your users search and navigate your app using voice in their own vernacular language with our out-of-the-box voice assistant.

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ecommerce app with Slang Voice Assistant open

Voice enable your e-commerce app in less than 30 mins

Add Voice Search, Voice Navigation, Voice Actions and Voice Promotion to your e-commerce app in less than 30 mins. 

  • Voice Search

  • Voice Navigation

  • Voice Actions

  • Voice Promotions

Multilingual Voice Search

Search online store for products using voice

- Partial SKU names recognized
- High-speed responses
- Multilingual support

Jump to any screen of your app directly using Voice

Let your customers just ask to go to a specific screen in your app

- "Show me my orders"

- "Go to offers page"

- "Go back"

Perform complete or partial transactions on the app using voice conversation

Let your users perform complete user journies using voice. 

- Add to Cart

- List to Cart

- Order Cancel 

- Delivery Tracking

Promote deals in your app using voice. Speak out offers to your customers at the right time.


Using voice prompts, promote offers on products that are related to the items already in the user's shopping cart.

Using voice prompts, promote offers on purchasing more or higher quantity SKU of an item already in the user's cart.



Need clarification?

What is an In-App Voice Assistant?

In-app Voice Assistants allow you to have an Alexa-like Voice Assistant but inside your app. These voice assistants are domain-specific and tailored for your app and business need.

To learn more about Voice Assistants, check out our guide on Voice Assistants.

Which languages do you support?

Currently, our In-App Voice Assistants support American English, Indian English, Hindi, Tamil & Kannada.

How accurate are your voice assistants?

Slang Voice Assistants have much higher accuracy than other systems because our assistants reside inside your app and we understand the boundaries of your app.

We are about 85% accurate in the beginning and it gets better over time.

Which environments does it support?

  • Android Native SDK (Java-based)
  • Web SDK (JavaScript-based)
  • React Native - Android (JavaScript-based)

Which apps can I use this voice assistant in?

Businesses can add voice to any solution irrespective of the domain they are in. Having said that, we already have prebuilt templates for various verticals like Retail, E-Commerce, Pharmacy and Travel.

Fastest way to Voice Enable your app